"Body Temple ~ Dancing the Dream Awake," is a transformational experience incorporating movement, breath, self-inquiry, intimacy (in-to-me-see), and embodiment. I developed this work through meditation, prayer and inner guidance.  I invite you to join me for this transformational and healing practice.

The essence of the practice is to move into our sensual bodies, allowing the activities of our minds to drop away.  We thereby ignite our intuitive movement, our bodies' inner wisdom, giving our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions the ability to release stored pain, tension, and fear.
  From this place we have the ability to heal deeply, nurturing our imbalances so we can activate our inner light bodies and actualize the conscious awakened self.   

 This is an inner exploration of Self in a free, safe and sacred space. We are encouraged to release self-judgment, the feeling of being self-conscious, and ultimately the ego.  By fully diving into Being, we open to heal the imprinting of trauma and come present to play in and embody our Divine authentic Self.  I invite you to come explore your Sacred Body Temple.

Body Temple

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