Upcoming Events

Event has been postponed. New date coming in June.
Details coming soon.
Please RSVP for Directions ~ Space is Limited

This is a space for play and freedom, to celebrate our spirits, our inner light and wisdom:
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely & adorned in that which you feel sacred
  • Bring a blanket for laying on the floor, (a small wool yoga blanket it ideal) another for warmth (if you like), an eye cover or bandana and drinking water.
  • If you are sensitive 100% natural essential oils, please let me know.
Body Temple ~ Dancing the Dream Awake
I invite you to come journey into your Inner Body Wisdom Temple.
This free flowing primordial movement experience can enable the release of what no longer serves us, activate our inner light body and awaken our conscious self.

Upcoming Body Temple Classes:
With Special Guest DJ Synthesthisia
Dates to be announced soon.
Attention: When buying tickets on PayPal please add the CLASS DATE in the message box.

Grand Opening Special: Package discounts available:

4 classes @ $85.00

8 Classes @ $150.00

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